About us

Architectural plans for sale, is the world's first and most popular digital architecture and design web site. Our primary objective is to give to individual customers conceptual design ideas so they can take further and implement their dream house. All projects included within the web site include

A. AutoCAD Drawings (Plans, Elevations, Sections)
B. Pdf format drawings (Plans, Elevations, Sections)
C. jpg of plans and front elevation or 3d concept if available

So every purchase you do on line will give you the above in the highest quality. Moreover, our approach is to bring together architects and even more professionals and young creative artists that would like to upload their designs, concepts and fully loaded architectural plans for sale. From a diverse range of backgrounds and by publishing the latest design concepts technology and art can bring people together. We have over 20 years of Architectural designs in Cyprus, Greece and Middle East.

Our mission over the past years has remained the same: a selection of the most well design plans for sale before you can find it anywhere else. Simply because is our work.